The fastest moving product from the Mooz baskets has got to be our rolls. Mooz offers a fantastic selection ranging from brown and white bagels, hotdog, hamburger, and ‘honey’ (twisted) rolls, to prego, health, rye and challah rolls. Challah rolls are baked on a Friday as they complement the Challahs being the bread for the Sabbath.  

Mooz rolls are generally available in regular and mini sizes, as well as in wholewheat, white and rye.  A great feature of the Mooz roll is that they freeze well too. A mother’s best friend when it comes to school sandwiches for lunch boxes. 

Another popular choice are the Mooz wraps, which are freshly packed in tens. These make a wonderful variation from the traditional roll and are in true middle Eastern “laffa” style – wonderful with dips too!


White R 3.20
Wholewheat R 3.20



White R 3.20
Wholewheat R 3.20
Honey R 3.20
Burger R 3.20
Portuguese R 3.20
low GI R 6.50
  Rye                               R6.50


Challah Rolls

White R 5.00
White &wholewheat R 5.00
Wholewheat R 5.00
100% rye R 6.50
Rye with seeds R 6.50
Rye no seeds R 6.50









Any of the Mooz offerings, either from the bakery, deli, catering or restaurant product lists, can be beautifully packaged and delivered as a gift pack.
Platters are amongst the most popular catering item Mooz offers.  Originated and unique to Mooz, is the mini-wrap platter.