Mooz shelves are filled with a large selection of pre-packed biscuits which are great to have in the ‘cookie jar’ as a snack, or on standby for visitors. 

Some of the more popular biscuit trays on offer include – ginger, ginger syrup, crunchie, Greek, Romany Creams, chocolate chip, shortbread and jam, peanut butter balls, petikas, florentine slices, and more...





Our biscuit prices range from R39.00 - R49.00, so come into our store and check out our shelves for yourself.


Biscuits so good, They're just like Bobba used to make them!







Any of the Mooz offerings, either from the bakery, deli, catering or restaurant product lists, can be beautifully packaged and delivered as a gift pack.
Platters are amongst the most popular catering item Mooz offers.  Originated and unique to Mooz, is the mini-wrap platter.